Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to nights...

Philip is back at the night schedule for another week. I have to say, last week was Amazing! He got just enough sleep at work that he only needed a few hours when he got home, so we got to see him for a good chunk of the day every day before he headed back to work! I'm really hoping that trend continues this week!

We've had a good day... I made meals for a couple friends this morning, then we took a walk to the post office to buy some stamps for Christmas cards (I can't keep up with Canadian postage, it seems like it goes up every week!)
Next we had lunch, then it was time for naps. After naps, we went on base to deliver one of the meals, and stopped at the hospital to take Philip dinner.
On the way home, we stopped to look at some pretty Christmas lights, and then ended up driving all over town, turning down random streets whenever we saw more!
Dinner was next and then it was play, play, play until bath time! We danced to music, played with cars, raced motorcycles, colored with chalk, lay with our heads under the Christmas tree, looking at the lights (Andrew and I used to do this as kids!), played catch with the football (I said, "Good throw Keenan!" He said "It was a Perfect throw!")
Then into a very bubbly bubble bath for some more playtime and bundled into warm soft jammies and into bed...

Now I need to wrap some Christmas presents and get my Christmas cards ready to go in the mail tomorrow.

A few pictures:

Moriah last night on Daddy's shoulders

Keenan had an Oreo and managed to get a "moustache" Under his mouth!
How did that happen??

Our cute little Wolverines =)

Handsome boy

Moriah has FINALLY (at 11 1/2 months old) cut her first tooth! Woohoo! I'm soo excited! =0) I thought for sure she was going to turn one without a single tooth! Keenan had 12 by 12 months, but I guess she's going with "1 for 1 year" instead. =)

She also started walking with a push toy all by herself today! She walked all the way from the toy area, through the kitchen and down the hall! Maybe she's planning to start walking before her birthday too! =)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Small pocket of down time...

Mom, Jeff and Isaac hit the road this morning shortly after Philip got home from work. We had a great three day visit with them!

Philip is home for the weekend, we have no big plans, and we are in a "pocket of stillness" before the rush of December and all that the holidays bring with them starts.

In the next three weeks, I have three Christmas parties, caroling with my MOPS group, a couple wifia lunches, Christmas parades, Moriah's birthday, Christmas shopping to finish, a visit to Santa, babysitting, a wrapping/ornament exchange "Mom's Night Out" with MOPS, then we head up north on the 19th! Whew! It makes me tired just thinking about it!

Exciting news - Philip bought us a new camera online last night! I cannot Wait for it to get here!!!

The only picture I have from the last 24 hours, Mom and I in matching pajamas she bought us yesterday...

They're so warm and soft!

Friday, November 27, 2009

This morning, Mom, Jeff and Isaac were up pretty bright and early and out (into the cooold!) to snag some Black Friday deals. The kids and I just hung out and Keenan had some good "down time" before they returned (bearing some fun stuff, including awesome Christmas pajamas for me!) this afternoon.

Philip and I went out this afternoon and got a few things ourselves (including a new comforter for our bed that I'm so excited to put on!)

Our Christmas cards came in the mail today, so that was fun - can't wait to get them sent out!

Keenan with his new, super huge transport truck full of cars!

Practicing her Mommy skills =)
Now, which end is supposed to be up??

We've got a ways to go!

Isaac presenting his science project to Philip and Keenan =)

Keenan trying out his new squeezable paint brushes!

Uncle Isaac making a masterpiece

An O___ S___ picture for Grandpa

Isaac and Moriah with her new ball popper toy from Grandpa and Grandma

Family heads home in the morning and Philip will be home for the weekend... One week of nights down!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have had a fun, relaxed day here around the house. I was able to take a couple naps during the day, since Moriah was up five times in the night, (before I brought her into bed with me and she kept me awake for a while longer before drifting off, and then gettting woken up by Keenan who was also sleeping in my room).

Mom, Jeff and I prepared dinner together, which was fun! We decided to do the turkey in Mom's "NuWave" oven (as seen on TV), and it turned out really well - nice and juicy! Jeff made his famous mashed potatoes and we also had green bean casserole, Mom's yummy sweet potato casserole, stuffing, rolls and pumpkin cobbler for dessert. Myrtle was going to join us, but ended up sick, so we really missed her. We took her some food anyway.

This evening we decided to decorate a ginger bread house together. Let's just say, while it was fun, it didn't go exactly as we had expected! The frosting was Really runny and the house collapsed once before we finally got it stuck together enough to decorate! The windows and doors sort of ran down the walls, but Isaac and Keenan had a great time putting lots of candy on it anyway, and we think it turned out cute!

Mom and Isaac last night
(I was blogging in the office, where Isaac sleeps and they both fell asleep waiting on me!)

We made some beignets this morning!

Isaac thought they were pretty good!

Philip and Isaac assembling Isaac's new lego set

Our whole bunch at dinner


Silly girl and her silly mom

Mixing up the frosting for the ginger bread house


Master builders

The ginger bread team (minus Mom)

Our "original design"

Back side

One more full day with our family before they head home! They may brave the crowds and do some Black Friday shopping in the morning, we'll see...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Early Christmas/Birthday celebration

We have had a wonderful first day of visiting with Mom, Jeff and Isaac!

We spent the morning hanging out here, had lunch, and then Mom and Isaac came with us to visit Myrtle while Jeff ran some errands and Philip got some sleep. It was nice for Mom and Myrtle to get to meet since they had heard so much about each other already!

Keenan is Loving having Uncle Isaac here to play with, run around with and read books with!

After the kid's naps, we opened presents (some early birthday gifts, as well as Christmas presents between our two families). It was a ton of fun!

Moriah with Grandpa this morning

Keenan and Isaac Both on the car! =)

LOVE this picture of three of my favorite girls!

Moriah dancing with Uncle Isaac

Getting into the Christmas balls

Keenan and Philip with the train

Us girls by the tree

Keenan was more interested in the train than his presents!

Fun smiles

The three early birthday kids
(Moriah's outfit really Isn't shorts, they're just pulled up in all these pictures!)

Woohoo! Fun sqeezable paintbrushes from Uncle Matt and Aunt Jessica!

Moriah really got into the unwrapping

A fun talking, singing book!

A favorite of Philip's =)

Keenan's awesome truck full of cars from Grandpa and Grandma!

New shoes! How cute are those fleece lined crocs??

A really cute mug from Matt and Jess!

Moriah's first doll =)

Noise canceling earphones
(To help Philip get more done at work!) =)

I got money towards our new camera, and Jeff made it into this totally awesome Christmas tree!

After dinner, we headed to Destin Commons to look at the lights and see Santa... but Santa wasn't there tonight! =0/ We did end up having a really fun time anyway!

The kids and I in front of the huge Christmas tree!

Moriah and Uncle Isaac on the playground

With a dolphin
(Her cute hat is from Grandma and Grandpa E.)

The three kids in the boat

Keenan finishing off my peppermint mocha frappachino

All the boys took a train ride around Destin Commons!

Pulling back in...

Isaac and Keenan with the train (and their free lollipops)

All snuggled up

Keenan with the fam in front of the tree

Isaac getting ready to climb the Spider Man tower!

He got to climb four times for the price of one!

The kids after their baths in their matching Christmas pajamas from Mom and Jeff =)

On the way to Destin Commons, Moriah was blowing raspberries, and Mom said, "She sounds like a motorboat!" Keenan said, "No she doesn't!" I said, "What does she sound like then?" He said, "A spitting boat!"