Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yay for the Chill!

We are LOVING this cool weather and can't get enough of it! Yesterday we spent a Lot of time outside and decided to go to the park in the afternoon. I always forget that if it's breezy at our house, it's Windy at the park! It was insane! It ended up being so windy and chilly (that we weren't really dressed for) that we only stayed a few minutes!

Look how choppy the bayou is!

Keenan is getting to be such a good climber!

Wow, it's windy!

It really cooled off over night (I had to put warmer pj's on both the kids during the night), and we woke up to a 47 degree morning! I decided we should still go for a walk, and dug out some warm clothes for the kids...

Keenan's 6/9 month bear suit fit her!

Bundled up warm

All ready to go!

Part way through our walk

Philip and I bought this little wool sweater in Ecuador for Philip's (then, 2 1/2 year old) brother, Isaac. When he outgrew it, we got it back!

Pretty cute dude

The little bear

Philip is working at a free clinic this morning, but we're hoping to do something outside as a family later today... =)

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Mom E said...

Oh I Love that panda jacket!! I hated giving it up, but decided since Philip bought this, it should go back to your family. It's So cute!