Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where did Fall go??

It's 82 degrees outside right now! It's almost November! Where did our cool fall weather go?

I actually don't mind it (for just a Few days), because it lets us wear some lighter clothes, and allows me to sneak Moriah into a few more cute summer outfits she hadn't had a chance to wear... =)

Speaking of Moriah, she slept 11 1/2 hours last night, without a peep! I'm weaning her a little early (since we will be leaving the kids next weekend to go to New Orleans and she won't take a bottle), and I use the Enfamil Restfull Bedtime formula at night. Man, that stuff works!

First a couple pics from before today:

Keenan trying on a ton of colorful bracelets in the jewelry department =)

A "rainbow" of cars we made yesterday

We got "Booed" last night by MOPS! =) (I was going to be helping with this and then ended up cancelling because of Keenan's hand,foot and mouth) =0/

We found this on our door, and treat bags on the porch!

How cute are these bags?

Keenan with the loot

This morning after I dressed Moriah, we were sitting in the rocking chair in her room. I got up to wash my hands, and Keenan came over to stand by the chair so she didn't fall. When I came back, this is what I found:

How precious!

We were going to go to a park, but I realized that I had locked my keys in the van, so we went to see Myrtle instead.
* Just a note on hand,foot, and mouth. It Is pretty contagious, but mostly among young kids who put their hands in their mouths. Most adults have already been exposed to this.*

Going for a drive with some help from Keenan


Myrtle showing her the horn

In Myrtle's big rocking chair

Myrtle even served us cookies and strawberry ice cream!

Just chillin' in his car

Myrtle helping Moriah "walk" in the grass

Watching Keenan run by

Sweet smile at Mommy

He's Almost got the somersault perfected!

Moriah and her Myrtle

Some of the Gorgeous flowers still in bloom at Myrtle's:

These smell heavenly!

Can't remember what these are but she has a Massive bush full!

Hibiscus against the sky

The same rose (a little bigger) that I took a picture of a few days ago

...and my favorite picture of the day:

I love everything about this picture - the colors, the bright sunshine, the pretty flower, Moriah peeking around Myrtle, and Myrtle enjoying showing nature to Moriah =)


Mom W. said...

That picture is a keeper, sweet Myrtle... tell her to take good care of my grands...

Mom W. said...

Too bad Myrtle doesn't get to see these... = )