Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two and a half... or fourteen???

With his long sleeved, baggy, "big boy" shirt and jeans on this morning, I just couldn't resist doing a photo shoot of Keenan because he looks so grown up!

Going incognito

Mom! People are going to think we're Together if you don't stop looking at me!

On the phone...

Texting? Seriously???

I know it will come fast enough, but boy am I glad he's not here yet! =)


Grandma W. said...

Don't grow up yet Keenan...

Mom E said...

Wow, more of Isaac's clothes on Keenan. Makes me flash back to the days when he fit into them. These pics are so darn cute! Love the black and white one of him on the phone...and "texting" too! LOL
Love you all!