Saturday, October 3, 2009

Time to relax

We are headed home tomorrow, so took this as a day to just hang out and relax, without any big plans. We slept in this morning (till almost 8:00, thanks to the kids!), hung around and then headed to the pool for a while with Rob and Della.

We all took naps this afternoon and then went over to one of the pools at Mom and Jeff's complex with Rob, Sarah and Della. Della had a great time in the pool, Keenan loved the water slide (over and over), and Philip and Rob entertained themselves by playing basketball in the pool (the funny part was, they had no basketball, so they were using Isaac's swim shirt, tied up into a ball).

We had dinner here at the condo, put the kids to bed and got most of our stuff packed into the van and then went next door to have fresh baked cookies and hang out with Rob and Sarah. A great end to a great vacation! Home tomorrow!

Looks like Blogger is going to be a bum and not let me upload more pictures, so I'll just leave you with this one...

Moriah chewing on the empty Pringles can
(Yes, we feed her!)

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Judy W. said...

Oh don't worry, it is pretty obvious that you feed her... = ) Sweet girl.