Sunday, October 11, 2009

There is hope for fall yet...

Philip is on call all day until tomorrow morning, so we have really missed him today.

The weather was actually kind of Cool this morning, so I loaded up the kids and we went for our first "fall walk" - woohoo!!

I don't know what's with Keenan's expression, he really was excited to go!

Overhead view on our walk

The kids and I did some shopping (I got their bathing suits for next year on clearance for $1.99 at K-mart!) this morning and then had naps and headed to a park on base in the afternoon.

I love how much fun Keenan is having here

Funny grin

Swingin' pinky

"What kind of ice cream can I get for you, sir?"

Moriah peeking out of the pirate ship

I think this is her pirate scowl

Caught eating a leaf

Cutie on the crawl

A Very proud Keenan on his way to show me his treasures!

A shoe full of stones and acrorns! =)

I know this is a very random picture, but I posted because Keenan took it and 1) It's actually in focus and 2) because I love that it has all three of our shadows in it (mine is up by Keenan's head, I'm wearing a ball cap)

Uh, oh!

Next, we went and took dinner to Philip, who had just finished delivering a baby. We had a good visit and Keenan was delighted that Daddy kept drawing pictures of whatever he asked for. Philip wasn't impressed that I kept "giving Keenan ideas" of things for Philip to draw. For example, Keenan asked for a bike, then a man on the bike, then Mommy said, "and a sombrero with a monkey on top!" LOL! He was a good sport though, and actually did it! =)


Jessica said...

You are so good for my brother, Joia! Love you! Jessica

denise said...

love the pictures! I think you should post a picture of Philip's drawing from tonight. His chalk art of the trucks have been highlighted, why not a man on the bike too!!! :) hehe.

Mom E said...

agree w/ Jessica and Denise's comments. :-)