Monday, October 12, 2009

Super Fun Thanksgiving Dinner!

Since we had been sick the past week, we hadn't planned on having anyone join us for Thanksgiving dinner. That was fine, we were planning to just celebrate as a family, and enjoy having Philip around for it for a change.

This morning though, as I was getting the food ready, I was sort of sad that we didn't have anyone to share it with. And, since we are better now, it just didn't seem right (or humanly possible) to eat all this food by ourselves! I decided - we needed more people! Philip and I talked, and decided to call up Rob and Sarah and Cliff and Jodi and see if they'd like to join us for dinner! Thankfully, they all took us up on the offer! =)

We had a great evening together, talking, laughing, eating Lots of food, and catching up. None of us had seen Cliff and Jodi for several weeks, since we'd all been on leave at Disney and then they left on vacation the day before we got home. It was good times with good friends... =)

Philip was pretty sleepy this morning when he got home from his 24 hour call shift...

Keenan was very sweet, cuddling up to Daddy

My second ever "solo turkey" experience turned out pretty well...

"The bird" - weighing it at just under 18 pounds

The verse on this plate is so applicable to the day =)

The table

Jodi and Sarah with the food
(Clockwise from left - turkey, crescent rolls, sweet potato casserole, dressing, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole)

We're so thankful for such great friends!

Dessert - Creamy, chocolatey, peanut butter goodness
(on the dessert blog)

The beautiful Kalanchoe that Jodi brought me!

Well, that's the scoop on our day...

We are so blessed by and thankful for a God who provides all our needs and takes such great care of our little family! Praise be to Him!


Mom W. said...

Wish we could have pooled the turkeys and been together! We missed you but had a great fun family time ourselves and did lots of singing (rainy - no hike). Rebekah recorded some to share. G and G and Uncle D didn't make it =(

Jodi said...

Thanks so much for inviting us! The food was amazing! It was definitely fun getting together with everyone, especially since we've all been traveling.