Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sick, sick go away

Here are a few pictures, featuring my "refurbished, taken from the trash" pedestal and some cute "beachy" outfits my Mom sent for the kids... =)

Silly grin
(This pose is all his own) =)

To show the front of his shirt

She did really well for not feeling good at all!

While I think we may be turning a corner towards getting better, we are still way too sick to be around anyone, so it gets a little lonely around here for us.

Sarah was brave and stopped by today with a delicious smoothie for me! She stayed in the van and we talked from a distance. =)

Keenan really seems to be doing much better and isn't needing as many breathing treatments as he was. We all got really good sleep last night which was Such a blessing!

Moriah's fever has come down, but her runny nose has gotten worse and it will probably take a few days for her ear infection to clear up.

That's the update on us - the kids are both napping, so I'd better get to some very overdue housework..

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Mom W. said...

The first one isn't working on our computer...= (( but I love the other two. Glad you like the beach clothes... Hope all continue to improve.