Sunday, October 18, 2009

The rest of our Saturday

Here are the rest of the pictures from our afternoon at the park yesterday...

Pretty girl in the grass

On the big swing

Philip helping Keenan with the digger toy

Us girls

Keenan and Philip goofing around on the fighter

Well, that doesn't seem like safe flying!

Happy boy and his dad

The tickle fingers!

On the swings

Daddy caught him

Giggling after Daddy tickled him

We did a little bit of shopping in the evening. Here's Moriah waiting for Keenan to be done playing in the truck aisle! =)

"Sheesh, Mom and I could still be looking at clothes!"

With the cooler weather, we've pulled out the kids warmer pajamas. How cute are these??
(Rebekah, you were exactly right - Moriah's wardrobe has a Lot to do with me liking the cool weather!) =)

Drinking formula out of her cup before bed like a big girl!

The three of them reading a story this morning


Mom W. said...

I know one Auntie that would love to steal those pajamas, they are so cute!!!

Rabens Family said...

The girls got a kick out of seeing Moriah in the pajamas and sweater that they use to have. :) We love winter clothes too.

Mom E said...

Yeah! Formula out of a cup! Cute jammies too.