Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Party Prep

Since Moriah and her friend Chloe's birthdays are within six weeks of each other, (and Moriah's is only one week before Christmas, which is a Terrible time for anyone to be around for a party) Andrea and I have decided to have a joint first birthday party for them next month! It will be soo much fun!

This morning we did a "photo shoot" of the two babies (dressed in their coordinating birthday dresses) so we could choose a photo to go on the party invitations.

Next we went to Party City and went nuts in the baby girl's First Birthday section! The stuff is so cute! It's been so great, being able to split the cost of everything, and it really works out perfectly, since we have all the same friends that we'd each be inviting anyway!

I don't think we are ready for the pictures to be "public" yet, but I'll post one cropped one...

It looks like Moriah is ready to punch Chloe here! =)


Mom W. said...

Cute girls!!!

Mom E said...

too cute!