Monday, October 19, 2009

The Mullet Festival

These first two are unrelated to the rest...

Keenan being all snuggly after his nap on Saturday

Moriah all pretty before church

Keenan watching a cat outside his bedroom window =)

Giving Daddy a ride

Dressed up warm for the Mullet Festival!

The 33rd Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival was going on this weekend. This Mullet is a fish, not a hairstyle, folks. We told ourselves when we moved here, that we should go at least Once while we lived here, and just see what it was all about... It also seemed like a good idea to actually Try some mullet while we were there...

The festival has different (usually Country) artist's featured each day, they have tons of food, vendors, some live shows, and a carnival.

A few of the thousands that flocked here over the weekend

The boys

Philip and the kids with the Ferris Wheel

Me and the bear

Yes, she Totally looks like a boy here!

Hmmm.... really?

Here we are with our mullet...
Keenan took this picture!

Fried on the left, smoked on the right
The fried was SO much better!! When I first tried the smoked, I accidentally ate the skin too, and said to Philip, "It tastes like a smoked boot!" After we took the skin off, it was a bit better, but we couldn't finish (unless we'd got a gallon more of the tartar sauce). Well, it was an experience anyway! =)

We bought tickets so Keenan could go on the big slides, here is climbing up the big long stairs

The bear, getting a little chilly

Keenan coming down the BIG slide!

This was sort of a new menu for me..

We had to get Keenan some Real food - french fries! =)

We also bought the biggest, best funnel cake we'd ever had!
(We couldn't even eat it all!)

I had given Moriah a little piece of a french fry and then set the rest in her little tray...when I looked down, she had figured out how to get a few fingers out of her bear suit, and had picked it up and was eating it by herself! =)

We did stick around for the start of the Billy Ray Cyrus concert, but were really far from the stage (there was no way we were wading into the crowd with two little ones), and... he just didn't seem nearly as cool to me as I thought he was when I was 16. =)

Keenan spent most of his time watching from this reflective pole!

The view was better up here, though

On our way out, we stopped at the Ranger's tent to see the alligator and snakes...

They had some really big ones!

Me with the fake one of the two gators

Back to the van

Well we did it. We went to the Mullet Festival. It was interesting... by far the most red neck thing I have ever done (kinda felt out of place without any hunting camo on), but we probably wouldn't bother going again. Unless of course, someone Really cool like Rascal Flatts came!


Mom W. said...

Oh the dress fits... cool!!

Flakymn said...

Thanks for trying it for us. I love fish but, um, that fish looked not so good.

And I would have totally been able to take down that funnel cake. Not finish it! That's a sin I think!

Mom E said...

Thank God I'm a Motown Mama.... (and not a country girl). lol