Friday, October 23, 2009

MOPS and Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday was a fun fall/halloween themed MOPS meeting. I made this yummy popcorn ring that I made for the first time last fall. (Click on October on the dessert blog for this recipe)

Sticky goodness

All ready to head in and set up for MOPS bright and early!

The creepy hand in the (delicious) punch that Vanessa made

Yum diddly!

Keenan was so excited to get to put some change in the can to pay for the shipping of the Operation Christmas Child boxes! =)

Our craft was miniature origami boxes (17 steps!)

When I went to get Moriah from the nursery, she was fast asleep on Mary!

We spent some time playing in the driveway yesterday afternoon before the rain came...

Moriah realizing that the concrete was going to be a little hard on her knees

Keenan making sure she was okay

Picking "berries" off the tree

Moriah's driving!

Back seat driver?

Carefully checking her side mirror before backing up

When I showed her that the horn makes noise, she tried to eat it!

I decided that yesterday was as good a day as any to go ahead and carve out pumpkin:

Before the operation began...

Keenan pulled the top off

....but was a little hesitant to see what was inside! =)

Moriah had no problem touching the "guts"

"What? It's no big deal!"

For some reason, she decided this pen should go inside the pumpkin

Keenan bravely rescued it

I'm not a big fan of creepy faces staring back at me from pumpkins, so I generally try to think of something else to carve into them. Last year I did leaves, this year I decided to try flowers...

I was pretty pleased with the result, but figured I should try and do something that Keenan would like more. I had him bring over his dump truck and I did a rough sketch on the pumpkin...

Surprisinly, it actually looked like a truck!

And then something for Philip...

That completes our "all purpose" pumpkin carving!


Mom W. said...

Very nice carving, love the truck and Moriah driving... so cute!!!

Brittny said...

cool truck!!!! that may be the only way we can convince christopher to let us actually carve the pumpkin. we've never done it before. i know, i know. i worry about the squirrels attacking it. too bad they don't migrate like the birds do!