Friday, October 16, 2009


Reagan Lee, the newest wifia baby! Born last night, shortly after 7:00 to Tiffany and Matt, and proud big brother, William!

I got to go meet her this afternoon at the hospital! (Anyone who knows me, knows that, second only to holding my Own brand new baby - meeting other people's newborns in the hospital, is my Most Favorite thing to do!!) =)

She is absolutely precious. Can't wait to see her in all her girly clothes! Welcome to the group, Reagan!

Tiff (looking great!) and her sweet baby girl

Happy me!
(I almost Ran in from the parking lot!)


Lisa said...

Thanks for posting this Joia! I saw on Matt's facebook that Reagan was born but no pictures. Then I immediately went to your blog hoping for pics! I was right! Thanks!

(friend of matt and Tiff)

Mom W. said...

Beautiful baby girl...