Friday, October 23, 2009


I just recently connected the dots and realized that I had actually met and spent time with (the now famous Christian singer/songwriter) Bethany Dillon nine years ago in Ohio!

My brother, Andrew, a bunch of our friends and I were doing a fundraiser cycle trip with Gospel for Asia (one of five, and the only one in the U.S.) for three days in Ohio. Her aunt and uncle were good friends of ours and had been on the three previous trips with us. She was only 13 at the time, and joined us for the trip!

The reason I hadn't figured this out before was because I knew her by a different last name, before she switched to Bethany Dillon.

I found a cd of hers, "Vulnerable" that she recorded when she was 13 that her mom had given to my brother and I when we were visiting at their house with our friends (her uncle and aunt). I also have a plain old Memorex cd that her mom had just burned and written "Bethany III" on with her most recent stuff on it. So funny!

I went downstairs last night to look for pictures from that trip, because I knew I had some with her in them (specifically one of her and I and some others all splattered in mud from a day of cycling in the rain!) I found pictures from all the trips But that one! I emailed my brother last night and he found his and scanned a couple for me. The quality isn't great...this was a while before we had digitals)...

Bethany, Me (not a great picture), and her aunt Debbie

You can't really tell, but she's the first cyclist in this picture

Here she is on a cave tour we took

A more grown up Bethany Dillon...

...and now with her new husband, Shane Barnard (also a Christian artist):

Married March 29th, 2008

Here is a video that someone put together of Bethany singing How Great is Our God:

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