Friday, October 30, 2009

I Love...

...taking pictures of my kids!

A beautiful day, time spent outside, me, my kids, and my camera... sweetness.

This morning we went for a walk at Turkey Creek "Part Two" with Myrtle - we had a great time!
(I took time to edit them all today...)

The pink grasses in the background was gorgeous!!

Seeing if there was anything in the water

Crazy goof, put his feet in the cooold water!

Group shot

Some of Keenan's best work!

Myrtle showing Moriah the soft grass

Tickle face!

They took a little walk by themselves while Moriah and I hung out in one of the pavilions

I could Not resist these tiny crocs when I found them (especially for $3!)

Inspecting a leaf she found

Oh, I love those toes...

This one turned out cute

Good old camera on the stroller trick.. =)

After we took Myrtle home, Moriah was asleep in her carseat, so we went on base to get gas and run an errand. We had some time to burn, so we decided to check out one of the cool new playgrounds in base housing...

Sweet girl in the tunnel

She Loved peeking out of these holes!

Keenan coming to check it out

The circle makes this one so fun!

I love all the bright colors and Keenan's expression in this one

Notice anything cute in this one? =)

Happy sibs

...and my favorite picture of the day:

I love you, Keenan and Moriah!


Mom W. said...

Oh, way cute, wow, what posers. I love Moriah's skirt... really fun pictures and I love them too. Can't wait to see them at Christmas.

Mom W. said...

Who would have guessed that she liked taking pictures of her kids???

Brittny said...

hey!!!!!!! that playground looks familiar!!! we LOVE it!!! mostly b/c it's the only one with shade, only one with swings and best of all, right by our house!

Stacy said...

Hi! You don't know me, I happened upon your blog, but I just have to say, you are such an awesome mom! You love your kids so much and its clearly evident that you go out of your way to come up with creative and fun ways to spend time with them. You really inspire me to think out of the box when I have kids of my own some day!