Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun Night Out

Last night, most of the wifia got together and had a lingerie shower for Kacey, one of the residents that our husbands work with. We met and had dinner together at Big City Bistro - soo good!

These pictures are All compliments of Wendi...

Kacey (the bride to be), me, Andrea

Jodi, Wendi and Sarah

All of us

Andrea and I

No, this wasn't all mine! We bought a plate of the four best desserts on the menu to share - ther was black and white creme brule, caramel souffle, cheesecake and brownies and cream

Kacey opening one of her gifts

Most of us and our husbands will be attending Kacey's wedding in New Orleans in a few weeks! It is an event that we have all been looking forward to for about a year, since some of us haven't been to New Orleans before, it will be a weekend without kids, and the wedding is going to be awesome! =) Woohoo, party!

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