Thursday, October 1, 2009

The fun continues...

Here is a picture from last night....

The family, minus the littlest ones, at dinner

This morning we got an early start at Animal Kingdom, since there was some stuff that we hadn't seen, and Rob and Sarah Highly recommended that we see the Finding Nemo Musical (which was FANTASTIC!!)

Here is Keenan and I riding the Kali River Rapids (we went early and were the only ones on our raft!)

Keenan did really well, even down the pretty steep water fall, and getting wet, but didn't want to do it again with Daddy...

The boys watching the monkeys play

Sweet moment captured

The "Asia" part of the park had an Amazing tiger habitat! It's set in a huge area in between "ruins", and instead of having a big dividing barrier between us and the tigers, there were windows in the ruin walls, and the tigers would often walk Right past them!

Sooo gorgeous! Tigers are my favorite animals, and there were at least eight here (and since it was the morning and still cool, they were actually quite active, instead of just sleeping!)

Coming up to the window to show off =)

How sweet are these two??

When we were on the opposite side of the tiger area, we saw one walk right up to one of the windows and put his paws up on the window sill and stare right in at the people (only inches away through the glass!) I was sooo jealous, Philip agreed that I actually turned a little green... =)

Trying to keep the kids entertained (and happy) for a few minutes while Philip rode the "Expedition Everest" roller coaster. I got to ride it next and it was surprisingly Awesome!!

Rob and Della joined us in the afternoon (unfortunately Sarah wasn't feeling well) and we had a great time with them...

Della Loved feeding snacks to Moriah!

Cute kid

Philip and Rob took Keenan and Della on this cute dinosaur ride (it was too "spinny" for me)

Backseat riders

Rob and Della

Well the Dads sure look like They're having fun! =)

Keenan and Della on a huge dinosaur!
(Rob watched the three kids here while Philip and I rode a roller coaster, and then we switched)

Waiting in line for the Dinosaur ride (it was pretty freaky!)

Keenan giving the dinosaur a big hug

Rob and Della sporting their super cool shades at the "Bug's Life" 3D show
(Unfortunately it ended up being pretty scary for the kids!) =0/

Our crawler on the move!

After naps in the afternoon, we headed back to Mom and Jeff's resort complex and did the lazy river at one of the water park areas. It was really fun and even Moriah enjoyed it!

The four of us at the end

I love this picture of the boys coming up out of the water at Moriah =)

Fun with Daddy

Fun news: Keenan's picture (that I submitted months ago and forgot about) was selected as the "baby of the month" picture on, This month's category was "Little Helper",check it out here
It will be there for the entire month of October!


Mom W. said...

Wow, it is awhile since that picture was taken... so cute... Advertisement for Betty Crocker mixes?

Flakymn said...

Love that pic Joia -- congrats! Do you win anything?

Also I love that circular tube ride -- it's like my alltime favorite on a hot day!

Rachel and Hans said...

Looks like you are having a great time! The lazy river looks wonderful!

Mom E said...

I loved the "fun with daddy" photo, and of course the "little helper" one too. That is so exciting. I agree w/ your mom that it should now be submitted to Betty Crocker! Congrats.