Friday, October 9, 2009

"Cwaps" and Leg Warmers =)

We are officially going stir crazy. I still don't feel comfortable taking us anywhere public, for fear of infecting anyone, but it's still too hot to go places outside that aren't full of people (parks, for walks, etc), so we're pretty much stuck around home.

I decided that Keenan and I should do some crafts while Moriah was napping. Keenan was Delighted to do some "cwaps"! (Thanks to Brittny H) I decided to be brave and see what Keenan could do with some scrapbook scissors. He actually did pretty well!

He Loved cutting with scissors, but didn't really get that he should cut again after the first cut, he would just cut once, and then rip it the rest of the way =)

Gluing some pumpkins and turkeys on his "cwap"

He was soo proud of this sheep family that he made (he stuck all the cotton balls on himself) =)

Moriah is on the MOVE!

She is all over the house now, and today she took a knife (not a sharp one), out of the dishwasher, spread a whole package of diapers all over Keenan's room, and almost turfed Philip's dinner plate on the floor (we were sitting on the floor in the kitchen after Keenan went to bed, to be down on her level). She is B-U-S-Y! =)

She's also got quite the fashion statement going on.... Leg Warmers! No, it's not cold, (by Any means), I just figured that her poor knees could use a break after crawling all over our tile and wood floors. She seems to like them!

I think they're really cute... thanks, Sam!
(She's a fan of the lizard just like Keenan was!)

I think she's really close to standing up...

Keenan and I tried to coax her to crawl through the tunnel, but she wasn't ready yet... =)


Rachel and Hans said...

Joia -
Kaia has a pair of those babylegs, too! THey are so adorable! Kind of makes you wish that they were a fashion statement for adults, too, huh? :-)

Mom W./Grandma said...

Cute, nice crafts Keenan, grandma is impressed!!

Mom E said...

this grandma is also impressed. :-)

Flakymn said...

I think Elijah would like to borrow some leg warmers.

B-U-S-Y!!!! YES yes YES yes YES yes!!! I must trap Elijah in. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. Today I found a wad of string and he ate half a magazine pull out before we found him.