Monday, September 14, 2009

Yesterday and today

Here are a few pictures from yesterday afternoon, and then some from today...

We went to the park yesterday afternoon while Philip was at work...

Keenan deep in thought on a cute bridge

Moriah's "dainty" way of eating puffs... =)

Keenan's mischievous little grin as a girl chased him around the playground


"Push me faster, Mommy!"

Keenan swinging on his own
(and the Loch Ness Monster in the water??)

Wendi watched both kids (very early) this morning so I could go see Philip's 7:15 lecture on Tropical Medicine. It was really fun and interesting and it was cool to see him in his work environment for once!

Here are some beautiful pictures Wendi took while I was gone:

This might be my favorite picture of her Ever!!

So cute...

I think Keenan's expression is soo adorable here...

All four of them (I love how it looks like Isaac is having a good laugh about something here!)

"Hey Keenan, share the balloon!"

Some pictures outside, during the short period where it was actually not raining today...

Pretty girl on a gray day

Love these boots =)

Handsome dude in the flowers
(he chose to sit here himself)

Yay, Destin Commons!

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Mom E said...

OMGosh, I can't believe you had no comments on this day! Those boots are adorable and the pic with Keenan by the flowers and then the 2 sets of feet under the umbrella! So, so cuuuuuttte! :-)