Saturday, September 26, 2009

We're Here!

We drove to Merritt Island, FL today to Philip's mom's house. It was one of our best trips here ever, and we made it in seven hours and two minutes! Only two stops, the kids were great!

We had a nice family dinner with everyone here, and then had a blast outside, while all the boys (big and small) checked out the treehouse, and ran around and wrestled in the yard...

Hudson and Matt

Pretty moon and evening sky

Jess and Hudson

Random pretty streak in the sky

Hudson takes Keenan down! LOL!

Taken down by the nephews!

Dogpile on Philip!

Where's his head??

Matt throwing Hudson up in the air

"... and don't you scream either!"

What a load!

Keenan headed up the ladder on his own! =0/

Rescued by Uncle Matt

All the boys chillin' and Keenan "talking" on the phone

So glad to be here! Tomorrow morning we'll head to the Space Center for a while, and then in the afternoon, we'll check into our condo in Orlando.


Jessica said...

Might be my all-time favorite pic of Matt and Hudson on the ladder. I love how Keenan has his leg crossed while he is on the phone!

Isaac E. said...

i like the picture when there was a dog pile on philip!

Andrew said...

Glad you made it there safely looks like you are having a lot of fun so far keep it up.