Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Wackiness

Today was somewhat of a crazy day, but there isn't any one reason why. I think the rain during the first part of it had something to do with it, since it squelched my plans to leave the house. Then it was time for naps, and I needed to work on some stuff before my MOPS meeting this evening, and then the day just seemed to fly away before I knew it!

I went through Moriah's clothes and went ahead and brought out her fall and winter wardrobe and put her six month clothes away. That girl has got some clothes! =)

We are borrowing Della's Thomas the Train "couch" for a while, and the kids are crazy about it!

My little conductors

Hmmm... while Keenan's looking at Mommy, I'm going to try my hand at the controls!

Goofy girl

Her shirt tells it all

"Moriah it takes a trained engineer to operate this machine..."

"Your job is just to sit there and look cute"

Thanks Sarah for the great toy!

Moriah all pretty before we left for the MOPS meeting...

"You've been a naughty puppy.."

"I'm gonna bite your tail!"

"It didn't taste that good"

"Oh Kee-nan, I've got your puppy.... what are you gonna do about it?"
(Keenan didn't really care)

"Fine then, I'm just gonna eat him"


Mom W. said...

I love the one of Keenan kissing Moriah! Good words you put in your kids mouths Joia!!!

Anonymous said...

We have the little pull dog too. Asia calls it her "doggy" or her "foo foo". Don't know where that comes from, but she just loves it!
Love Diana