Thursday, September 24, 2009

They're Back on the Road...

Well, our house is pretty quiet and empty after the six of them left this morning... =0/ We sure had a great time with them and are So thankful they drove out of their way to come see us before heading back to Mexico!

Here are the rest of the pictures from our visit:

Mika giving Vivian a bottle

The dudes chillin', reading some books

Yesterday afternoon we went to the splash park on base:

I just thought this was sort of a funny one

Keenan and Shaelyn in the spraying rings

Cute shot of Shaelyn

Mika chasing Tim

Keenan trying to spray me

Sleeping beauty

Snack time!

Steph and a very smiley Vivian

Vivian after Tim took her under the dumping pails!

Moriah and I cooling off

All six kids, as well as Tim and I, took naps, and then we packed up, met up with Philip and headed to the Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island...

We took some pictures on the beach before heading to the restaurant...

I LOVE this one of the girls
(So perfectly captioned by Steph!)

Tim and his "Five Fabulous Females", as he says =)

They caught a great one of Keenan =)

In front of Floyd's Shrimp House

All of us at dinner

After dinner, we let the kids go on the play equipment on the beach. It was getting late, and they all got Very sandy, but we had promised they could play...

Kyla in the sand
(shortly after this, she accidentally threw a handfull of sand in her own eye!)

Tim and Shaelyn with one of the cool "flying" balloons that they brought from Mexico

Three girls on the go

Mika waiting for a turn to let the balloon go

Keenan coming down the slide to Daddy

I asked Keenan and Shaelyn if they'd like to give each other a hug... Keenan took off running, tripped, and Shaelyn jumped on top of him! =)

Sandy, mischievous boy

Pictures from this morning:

Mika and the tower she and Keenan built
(I thought it was pretty cool how she added the stuff on top to make it taller than her!)

I bought some little pumpkins for the kids to paint...

Shaelyn and Mika getting started

Very serious Kyla

Shaelyn painted hers totally blue

Keenan used lots of colors

Very intent

Tim reading books to the kids

Time to go...

I wouldn't believe this if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes - Shaelyn and Keenan bossed each other around the entire time and Always wanted the same toys at the same time... but when it was time for goodbye hugs, they were sooo sweet and Shaelyn even gave Keenan a kiss!

Hug for Mika

and Kyla

and Auntie Steph

This was the Last time we said goodbye to them (in August 2008)
Look how little Keenan was!

Saying goodbye to Uncle Tim

Moriah under the sheets while I was remaking our bed

Now I need to do laundry, make a packing list, go grocery shopping, and get all our stuff ready for our trip to Orlando in a day and a half!

Random notes:

Moriah is now quite mobile. She is still not crawling, but can move herself pretty far from where I first put her, by reaching and sitting back up, and scooting, and turning around in circles. She is also starting to be able to play by herself for a decent amount of time, which is really cool! She can also pull the desk drawers open while she's sitting on the floor by the computer (not as cool).

I thought I should mention... since "thrifting" is kind of an ongoing thing with me - that I bought my dress for the Dining Out at a thrift store for $5.99! I added the black velvet ribbon myself to make it match the black accessories (purse borrowed from Jodi, earrings and necklace from Andrea!)


Mom W. said...

Good job Cinderelly, makes me think of the book that we had where the mice made the dress beautiful with all the things they got thrown off from the three "sisty uglers", good job, I totally thought you had bought a gorgeous expensive dress for the evening.

The pictures are great, I really miss them too, can hardly believe they are that far away again = (

The Woodfords said...

I don't know why I didn't comment 4.5 yrs ago? What great memories to relive! =). All those cuties sure look little. Love to you all, Steph