Friday, September 11, 2009

Taking care of M.I.K.E.

Who's M.I.K.E?? Moriah, Isaac, Keenan and Elijah! =)

Since Wendi flew to Chicago for a funeral this weekend, I got to watch Isaac and Elijah while John was at work today.

While it would be biologically impossible for me to have four children at these ages, (30 months, 16 months, 9 months and 7.5 months) it was a very fun experience to see what it would be like for a day!

Here's bit of an overview of what we did from 6:30 until 2:30...

6:30 - Isaac and Elijah arrived
6:45 - Keenan woke up (at first he was a bit baffled at there being extra people in the house so early in the morning, but that soon turned into complete excitement!)
7:30 - Moriah woke up
7:45 - The big boys had breakfast
8:00 - Elijah went down for a nap
8:20 - Fed Moriah breakfast
9:00 - Elijah up from nap
9:10 - Fed Elijah breakfast
9:30 - Moriah went down for a nap
9:45 - Gave Elijah (half) a bottle
10:00 - I got to relax for a few minute and have a snack while I watched the three of them play
10:10 - Isaac went down for a nap
- Set Keenan up with a short movie
10:15 - Took some fun pictures of Elijah
10:25 - Playdough out for Keenan
10:55 - Moriah up from nap
11:00 - Elijah finished his bottle
11:30 - Elijah down for nap #2
11:35 - Keenan had lunch
11:50 - Isaac up from his nap
12:00 - Lunch for Isaac
12:10 - Keenan down for a nap
12:25 - Nursed Moriah and put her down for nap #2
(Isaac was the only kid up at this point and did Amazinly well, playing with the trucks, etc, while I went back and forth to Keenan's room, trying to get him settled). Every now and then I would hear him heading to the back part of the house (where I was), I could hear his little bare feet going "slap, slap, slap" on the tile and hard wood... very cute. =)
1:00 - Keenan finally asleep
(At this point, I just laid on the couch and watched Isaac play, and took pictures of him, and we chatted about balls, and doggies, and he shared my "bapple" with me and brought me toys.. it was very sweet.) =)
1:25 - Moriah up from her nap
(Isaac was Super sweet and gentle with Moriah and would bring her toys and she would just stare at him as he walked around, thinking he was so cool!
1:40 - Fed Moriah lunch
1:55 - Elijah up from his nap
2:05 - Fed Elijah lunch
2:15 - Keenan up from his (too short) nap
2:30 - The boys went home =0/

Interspersed in here were snacks, reminding Keenan to share, rerouting Isaac from other rooms in the house, steering Elijah back to carpeted areas (that boy can Move!) and sixteen diaper changes.

It went amazingly smoothly. There was a very manageable "ebb and flow" of things. As each kid needed something, I was always able to do it, before the next one needed me.

Here is a picture overview of the day's fun...

Isaac Immediatley headed for the trucks when he arrived!

Happy dude, Elijah

The universal language of trucks

Isaac checking out the train

Elijah learning to drive!

Uh, oh... drinking and driving!

It suddenly popped into Keenan's head, "Where's Wendi??" =0)

That fireman didn't have a chance...

Moriah's awake and we're up to four!

Good friends

Mom, there are boys Everywhere!!

The big brothers having breakfast

I could get into this whole truck thing...

The boys coloring (Isaac made one swipe on his paper and bailed) =)

Keenan reading Curious George to Isaac

Sweet z's...

Cheerios for the first time!

Sharing some goldfish for snack

I happened to catch Isaac saying "please" here to get down! =)


Having breakfast

"Okay, I totally had it first, you can see it in my eyes, right?

"No, you Didn't!!"

Oh, fine, I'd rather eat a dinosaur anyway

I love how Isaac is using the pail of blocks as a chair! =)

Keenan wanted to hold Elijah

Where Are you, Keenan? =)

Hat time for Elijah... (nothing girly, John)

Rockin' the pirate hat

What a dapper young fellow!

Another sleepy boy

Playdough time while the little ones were sleeping

Peeking over the couch at Elijah

Cute boy

Drinking milk out of her sippy cup - yay!

I heard Moriah fuss a little, and when I looked over... Elijah was sitting on her lap! =)

Soo funny!

Well if he's gonna take his time moving, I might as well grab this truck..

Right after this, they banged heads and both started screaming!
(This was the Only time they both needed me at the same time)

I grabbed both babies, had Keenan go get Moriah's paci, and then decided to break out some Gerber puffs to divert their attention away from their owies... it worked beautifully! =)

Keenan took this picture of me and the babies while Elijah finished his bottle...

Then Moriah tipped over and bonked her head and started crying again, which made Elijah cry too... Here's me trying to hold Moriah's paci in, while convincing Elijah he wouldn't be so sad if he drank his bottle...

Teeny tiny glimpse of what twins might be like! =)

Finally I have all the trucks and cars to myself (while Keenan was asleep)

He ran over to me with a tiny dinosaur, going "Arrrrr" =)


Moriah watching her big buddy Isaac

Yummy block!

Moriah looking to the crawling expert for approval on her progress =)

Seriously, have you tried these? They're excellent!

Hmmm... you're right, they are pretty good!

All four of them cooperating for a picture!

The two older boys are acting like they are Way too cool for this picture!

What fun we had! Thanks for entrusting us with your sweet, Super well behaved boys, John and Wendi! =)

A Keenan funny: I said, "Hey, can you grab me that bowl off the fireplace?" He turned to me and said, (ever so sweetly) "What do you say?" (At which point, I realized I hadn't said please... bummer!)

Oh, and the Bible story he called "The Feeding Birdies", is the one about Elijah, when the Lord sent the birds to him with food in their beaks. =)


Flakymn said...

Joia, I am at my cousins' house, ready to retire for the evening. The first thing I did was get on the computer and check your blog to see if I could hear about the boys. I started this blog from the very top, not skipping ahead. I kept seeing another pic and another pic. It was soooo fun.

I cannot even tell you how much you blessed me today. What a friend. I felt such complete peace knowing you had the boys. I truly didn't worry even once about them.

I did realize I didn't send a pack-n-play and wondered if you'd run out of beds. But you figured it out.

Thank you for blessing me and giving me the opportunity to be at my grandmother's funeral ... I was so blessed today to be there and I couldn't have done it without you.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great!! I love the ones of Elijah in the hats!!
Keenan is Very good at taking pictures too!!!

Anonymous said...

Joia! How you could do all tha AND take pictures? You are such a blessing. It was so great wen could be here and not worry abit!
Thank you!!!

Mom W. said...

I wondered how it would go, looks like it went really well, good job super Mom. Really fun pictures...

Rachel and Hans said...

I LOVE your new header! And you are so awesome for taking care of those 4 kids by!