Monday, September 21, 2009

SUCH an exciting day!!!!

Today is a day I have been looking forward to for a looong time! It will be the first time I have seen my oldest brother, Tim, and his family, in over 13 months! Since they moved to Hermosillo, Mexico, last September, this is their first trip home. On their way back to Mexico from Canada, they are stopping in here for a couple days! We cannot Wait to see Tim, Steph, and their four sweet girls, Mika, Shaelyn, Kyla and Vivian tonight. Vivian (5 months) and Moriah were both born since we've seen each other, so it will be extra fun to meet the new babies! =)

With Keenan being sick, I haven't got as much cleaning done as I had anticipated before their arrival. This morning I made myself a list of things to do in the order of priority. I figure as long as I have places for all six of them to sleep with clean sheets, and we have clean bathrooms, those are the most important things, right? Anything else will be a bonus... =)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy! We miss them already!


Mom E said...

oh my, where Did you put all six of them?! I'm trying to do that in my mind, imagining your house, and I ran of out of places! :-)

Joia said...

Tim and Steph stayed in our room (baby Vivian slept on the floor in there). Mika slept in Keenan's bed, Shaelyn slept in the toddler bed that's still in Keenan's room, Kyla slept in a pack'n'play in Keenan's room (they're used to sharing a room). Philip and I slept on mattresses on the floor in Moriah's room, and Keenan slept in a pack'n'play in there as well!