Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Stuff Swap" wifia, etc...

I had a dentist appointment this morning, and Wendi was brave enough to offer to watch both Keenan and Moriah, along with her two boys! As evidenced by the pictures below, it went great and they had soo much fun! I'm so thankful for such a great friend! =)

I also quite enjoyed my visit to the dentist. An hour to myself. Quiet. Peaceful. I got to sit and read (half of) a "celebrity fluff" article before getting called back. Then I got to relax in the chair and do nothing (I almost fell asleep!) while my teeth got nice and shiny and clean! Woohoo! =)

Moriah and Elijah playing

Moriah got this hat for Elijah since he didn't have any that fit

This isn't very ladylike, is it?

Pretty impressed with Elijah

Keenan showing Isaac how to make a bridge (or a road, this looks like how he makes roads)

What a handsome boy!

Serious face

Playing together in Isaac's room

"Hey, hand the toy over, Now!"

Keenan apparently helped Isaac up on the couch and "read" this whole book to him!

The wifia lunch was at Sarah's house today (we've switched to Tuesday one week, Thursday the next, and the lunches will usually be at Sarah's, instead of switiching around every week).

I had the idea that we should each bring stuff that we have, but aren't using, and see if anyone else wanted it. It worked really well! Everybody brought some stuff, and we all went home happy with some new things!

Keenan coloring

Playing in Della's super cool Bob the Builder tent

The big kids (minus William at this point) at lunch

After lunch, Andrea and I went through a ton of clothes Sarah was getting rid of, and we each got some great stuff, as well as a bunch of baby girl clothes from Della!

Sarah and Moriah having a sweet moment

Andrea and I in the mound of clothes =)

Keenan entertaining the girls

Both kids were exhausted and went down for naps as soon as we got home...

This doesn't look very comfortable to me!

Much better =)

So sweet when they're sleeping..

Philip said last night, "Operation Clean Sweep seems to be taking two steps forward and one step back". I said, "No, it's not, but even if it was, that's still one step forward!" =)

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