Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some serious clean up, and some serious chocolate!

Today got off to a fairly early start and I was in the mood to get some housecleaning done! The family room area has been a problem area for a while, and I decided to switch all the furniture around and clear out a bunch of stuff. It feels so good to have one of our most lived in areas looking orderly!

Moriah helping me fold a Mountain of laundry!

Funny kids
Moriah - "Uh, hello.. can't you see I'm talking on my car phone?"

"Oh, Keenan, you're such a copycat"

"Okay, well I'M paying attention now..."

"Seriously? You need Two phones at once??"

Mmmmm... Tiffany introduced us to some Amazing brownies at the wifia lunch last week, so I've decided to make them for our first MOPS meeting tomorrow and I've posted the recipe on the dessert blog. I'll give you a hint here... look at what's in them!

You CANNOT go wrong with a brownie mix with Hershey's chocolate syrup in it, and three Giant chocolate bars with toffee pieces inside!

It's even better when you have such good help! =)

Sweet, chocolatey goodness...

Moriah in the newly tidied toy area

The new family room set up

Dining room area (with the blocks/puzzles, etc table in the corner)

On a funny, random note. As Philip was getting Keenan ready for bed, he asked for his new favorite Bible story, "The Feeding Birdies", any guesses? =)


Flakymn said...

... no guess, but I can't believe you are making those brownies and I'm not getting one. Sigh . . . :)

Mom W. said...

No clue... The picture of Moriah in the play area first gave me the impression that there was a window on the other wall because of he way the sun is shining through the French doors, I wondered how that could be at first. It all looks great Joia! Wish my newly renovated area looked that great... it is coming.

Mom W. again said...

PS, the captions on the pictures of the kids are hilarious as usual... don't know how you come up with them.