Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sea World

Today we took our second (free for military and dependants) trip to Sea World, our first with kids. We had a really fun time!

These first few pictures are the ones that I couldn't get to load yesterday...

The Massive fire truck (with moving parts, lights and sounds) that was passed down to Keenan from Isaac!

Us on the safari at Animal Kingdom

Posing on the baby whale (Keenan's choice)

At the Shamu show

After the show

Keenan's very first roller coaster (The Shamu Express)!

Swishy Fishies ride

A miniature "drop zone" type ride for kids

Taking a break at the Baby Care Center

At the mini splash park in the kids area

We headed home in the afternoon, took naps, and then headed to the pool at our condo for some fun family time...

Keenan's first trip down the water slide
(notice his grip on Philip's arm)
Second slide - on their backs!

Our little "swimmer" and our "floater"

Me and Moriah in her little water craft

Goofy Mama

Woohoo, going solo!

Moriah waves from her spot beside the hot tub
After we finished in the pool, we headed over to Mom and Jeff's condo for dinner. Mom made some amazing turkey chili and we made cookies for dessert (that we ate warm with ice cream). Aside from being way too well fed, we had a great evening, and Keenan had a blast hanging out with Uncle Isaac again.

Keenan watches as Daddy lifts up Uncle Isaac

Moriah getting Daddy while he's down

Moriah with Grandma Eberts(With Grandma's help, she almost mastered the ability to stand up at the coffee table!)

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Flakymn said...

Do they have somewhere at SeaWorld that watches the babies while you go around? Did you use it? What ages is that for? That's way cool. Does it cost anything?