Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My family (and some crazy pictures of me)

Okay, so this starts off with a few pictures from my recent trip to Ontario with the kids (pictures I stole off of my sister in law's facebook page)...and quickly gets to some pretty nutty pictures of yours truly. Those are followed by a bunch of pictures from my family's cottage week up north (that we would have Loved to have been a part of, but were unable to)...
Since my oldest brother, Tim and his wife, Steph and their girls moved to Mexico last September, this was the first time most of my family had seen them, so it was a very special time.

My brother, Mark with a very happy Moriah

At Mark and Rebekah's for dinner

Keenan (and bunny) enjoying a story with Uncle Mark

My sister in law, Rebekah, had a box of hats that used to belong to her grandmother, and well... we just couldn't resist...

Peacock is soo me, don't you think?

Keenan and I making a fashion statement

Ada and I wearing fur and feathers in the hood

Keenan's like "Get me outta here!"

A very solemn hat wearing family =)
(Like my fur beard??)

My brother, Rob, and I

If you thought that was twisted enough...

....here I am with Moriah's shorts on my face!
(This was actually my Facebook profile pic for a day after my mom dared me to!)

My poor mom... she tried to raise me right

There are so many things you can do with pretty round placemats!

See, I come by it honestly!

Okay, enough of the weirdness...

Mark and Rebekah looking stunning at a wedding

My dad, and oldest niece, Mika at the cottage

My third niece, Kyla

Shaelyn and Nicki

My mom and her newest granddaughter, Vivian

The whole crew
(Andrew, my dad, my mom, Kyla, Tim, Mika, Steph, Shaelyn, vivian, Rob, Ada, Rebekah, Mark)

Mark and Rebekah on the boat

Tim and Steph

My handsome brothers
(Mark#2, Andrew#4, Rob#3, Tim#1)

Oldest and youngest nieces, Mika and Vivian


Rob and Ada

My parents

Nicki showing my dad some love =)

Andrew... and Andrew

Miss you all - Yay for pictures!! =)


Mom W. said...

What a fun post and so nice you were willing to put pictures of something you missed out on. Can we tell which were your favs? I LOVE the ones of Dad and Mika and Viviana and I. Thanks...

Anonymous said...

Those hat pictures are hilarious!!! The one with your whole family in hats is definitely one for the scrap book!! You guys always have so much fun!