Sunday, September 27, 2009

Moriah's on the move!

First off, totally exciting news - Moriah started crawling last night! She has been "mobile" for a while... which means that she could move herself four to six feet from where I placed her, by using random movements, but never getting on her hands and knees and propelling herself forward in an actual crawl. Well, last night that all changed, and she decided (maybe it was the soft carpet at Grandma's house), to actually crawl on her hands and knees! We got video but I won't be able to post it until we're home...

We are heading to bed here at our condo in Orlando soon, but just a brief overview of the day...

We headed to the Kennedy Space Center shortly after they opened and spent about three and a half hours there. Although Philip grew up several miles from the space center and visited there countless times (it seems) as a kid, and even had special access to do research for a school project... he had never taken me there yet, so this was a big day! =) One of the reasons is that it is way more expensive that it used to be 10 years ago, but this was Brevard Resident Appreciation Weekend so Brevard residents were able to get in free and also bring five guests for free!

We took a bus tour which takes you to the LC39 Observation Center which is right next to the crawlerway (and one of the giant crawler transporters) between the VAB and pads 39A and 39B. From there it was back past the VAB and LCC and press area, past the building where Jeff worked when Philip was in high school, not sure if he still works in that same building or not, past OPFs 1-3, Mom worked in one of them for awhile, and on to the Apollo/Saturn V center across the road from the SLF. Because it was getting close to nap time we skipped the next leg which would have taken us to the ISS Facility and we went back to the visitors center instead to take a close up look at a full scale orbiter and ET with SRBs, a quick stop at the rocket garden (no time for an IMAX unfortunetly) and it was back home for naps.

Philip wrote that last paragraph so here is the decoding:
VAB = Vechicle Assembly Building (it's huge!)
LCC = Launch Control Center
OPF = Orbiter Processing Facility
SLF = Shuttle Landing Facility
ISS = International Space Station
ET = External Tank (the giant orange thing)
SRB = Solid Rocket Booster (the tall skinny white ones)
Space Shuttle = ET + 2 SRBs + Orbiter

When we went home, the kids and I took naps, Philip packed up the van and then we headed out shortly after 5.

On the way to Orlando we stopped at his dad's house (that he rents out while he's in Kenya), and got a bunch of stuff out of the storage shed. He had been hanging onto a whole bunch of stuff from Philip's childhood, so we got some really cool toys for Keenan!

We got here to our vacation destination for the next week around 7:00. It's really nice and spacious (two bedrooms, two full baths, jaccuzi tub, screened in porch) and the coolest thing is that Rob, Sarah and Della are right next door! They came over for a visit, and then we all decided the kids needed to get to bed...

Tomorrow morning we're heading to Animal Kingdom together. We hope to spend the afternoon at Hollywood Studies with Mom, Jeff and Isaac. Should be fun!

Uncle Isaac and Moriah

Grandma and Uncle Isaac being silly with Moriah =)

Isaac giving kisses

Philip and Keenan holding hands at the space center =)

Philip and Moriah on the bus

...and Keenan and I

Philip and Moriah with the huge transporter in the background
(Each of the links on each of the eight tracks weighs a ton!)

Not sure what Keenan's look means, but that's one of the launch pads in the background

Cool detailed model of the launchpad and shuttle

Keenan and the VAB

The kids and I with the (thrusters?) on the Gigantic Saturn V

It just keeps going!


Keenan and Philip and the "space man"

Keenan touching a piece of moon rock!

Sleeping baby (she actually napped like this for about an hour!)

Philip and Keenan checking out the cockpit (is that what it's called?) of the orbiter

Me with the Canada Arm

Philip and Keenan checking out the big open area (not sure what it's called) in the orbiter

Outside view

The MASSIVE external tank and solid rocket boosters!

My three astronauts
(click to view full size)

Philip and Keenan in front of the Rocket Garden

Cool shot of my boys with the flag on the way out

A few pictures of our home for the week:


Guest room

Dining/Living area

Living room

Master bedroom

The Massive tub!

I'm up waaaay too late! Goodnight all!

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Mom E said...

First of all, your readers need to know that Moriah started it first! The tongue sticking out I mean. She looks all "innocent" w/ the pacifier in her mouth as we're both sticking our tongues out at her. LOL.

Yes, Jeff does still work in the OSB (Operations Support Bldg) and I used to work there too at one point but then moved to OPF-2 (Orbiter Processing Facility).
I was only 2 days on that new job, and was able to get Philip inside the cockpit of OV-103 (Discovery) where he sat in the commander seat while they're were in the middle of a live cockpit check and they let him actually participate in that procedure!

Just an FYI only (not being picky) that is the neck of the main engines (not thrusters) in the Saturn V photo.

Not sure if that is the cockpit or not in the one photo; Jeff thinks it might be the middeck.
And the "big open space" is called the payload bay.

Finally, I forgot that the bus tour got you that close to the LC-39 area (launch complex); you could've called Jeff when you were going by and he could've come out and waved at you! lol.

Good decoding of Philip's part of the message too.