Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More rain...

It's continuing to downpour for at least part of the day every day, and we're starting to go a little stir crazy. This morning while Moriah was napping, I decided that painting would be a good rainy day activity, and Keenan agreed! =)

First few careful strokes

He was very good about using the paintbrushes, only for their specified colors

I thought this was a fun angle

I was really surprised/impressed with the delicate way he used the brushes

He did about six paintings, but here's one that we did together

His hand after =)

Next we headed to Wal-Mart to buy him some rain boots, and get a new pool. The last (cheap) one we bought soon got a hole in it, so he's just been using the small one for the last couple months, and it's really not big enough for him. Plus, Tim and Steph and their four girls are coming next week, so we needed more pool room! We did find a pair of boots, but he hasn't worn them yet, because I'm still hoping I can find some "fun" ones (these were just boring black). Any suggestions?

Moriah in her cute "Floppy" seat from Jen M.
I didn't notice until after I took the picture that her headband (from Rachel!) was over her ear!

We finished up our shopping early, and Keenan was asleep in the van, so we headed over to the hospital and got to have a little visit in the van with Philip before heading to Wendi's house for the wifia lunch.

Never to early to start!

Being goofy in the van

She thought this toy was so much fun at Wendi's house

Checkin' out that handsome dude...
(Look at his adorable smile back!)

I've heard of people wearing their heart on their Sleeve...

Giving Scrubs a treat (he got Lots of these while we were there, because Wendi was really sweet and kept letting Keenan do it, even though Scrubs wouldn't have gotten them otherwise!)

We put up the pool this evening (I didn't fill it even Close to full, because Keenan didn't need that much water just for him, and I plan to empty it and refill it for our guests).

It's Huge! (But yes, it Is smaller than the last one we brought home and decided to return. Also, it was on clearance for $10!)

He can actually run and dive in here! =)

Cute onlooker


denise said...

JUST saw cute rain boots at Kohls! They are the Jumping Bean brand, and they are hanging up on a rack. They have a lot more to choose from in the store:


Mom W. said...

Cute kids!!!

Joia said...

Denise, you ROCK!!! These are Adorable and are even cheaper than the ones I got at Wal-Mart! I'm sooo going there tomorrow!

KristinaF said...

Check Target for the rain boots. Ours has some cute ones.

Flakymn said...

Isaac is IN LOVE with "Ri-ah". Actually, as I was reading this blog he came walking up behind me saying "Ri-ah, Ri-ah". His first crush I think!

Jen said...

Ok... I think you need a tutorial on the Floppy seat, but she looked cute in it :)