Thursday, September 17, 2009

More nine month pics, a playdate and new rain boots!!

Time is flying! Nine months old...

Moriah decided to start the day off by sitting up in her crib for the first time! That was an exciting way to start her nine month birthday! =)

Very proud of herself, I think

More fun pictures of our sweet girl...

Fun with color

Since the boa matched her dress so well, I couldn't resist
(I think here's she's thinking "Oh ya, Keenan, you're jealous aren't you?)

This is kinda tickly!

I'm takin' it off...

"Oh, oops, did I do that?"

Enter handsome big brother

"Um, Keenan, what are you doing?"

"Hello! Can't he tell this is My photo shoot?"

"How do you like This?"

Hmmm... looks like he's staying...

At lunch time we met up with a bunch of friends from MOPS for a playdate (rescheduled from the park due to rain) at Chick-Fil-A.

Moriah looking in the funny mirror with Vanessa

Keenan coming down the slide with his friends
(After Finally overcoming his fear of the scary sounds the playcenter makes!)

After lunch, we were off to Target to pick up a few things, the most important one being... Fun rainboots, Finally! =) After trying on some cute green frog ones (and considering the pink Hello Kitty ones- not a chance), he decided on the fireman ones...

We just Had to try them out in the parking lot, since it had just rained and there were Lots of great puddles to jump in!

Does life get any better for a little boy?

I like his reflection in this one

Happy dude in mid air!


Zonked out in the van after a busy first half of the day!

My sleeping fireman =)

After his nap, Keenan and I went in the pool while Moriah was (supposed to be) sleeping...

It's still huge, even with an adult in it!

Philip is working a 30 hour shift, so we took him dinner and visited for a while this evening..

Keenan (proudly wearing his new boots) carrying Daddy's food to him

Kisses for Moriah

After that, we headed to Wal-Mart to return the "ugly" rain boots, and pick up a few more of the pools (my sister in law thought it was a great deal and couldn't find them at her local Wal-Mart) and a few other random fun items before heading home for the night.

Rain boots in the store =)

I think that about sums up our day... Now I need to make a to do list for the next few days before our company arrives, and also a packing list for our Orlando trip that is coming up in a week!

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Mom E said...

LOL, can you send me your packing list? It's crazy how much stuff I'm piling up already to take just an hour and 12 minutes away, but I don't want to buy stuff over there! Anyway, I know your list will be complete; of course I don't need the kid's list, but could use the other stuff like food, kitchen etc.
I keep forgetting to tell you I love the new header on your blog! Well, it's new to me, anyway. Very creative. Love, Mom
p.s. Love the boots and all the pictures!