Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A "Monday-ish" Tuesday

The long weekend definitely left me feeling like today should be Monday, not Tuesday. I'm glad it's Tuesday, because Mondays generally are a bummer, but I'm a little panicked that the week is already underway and I'm not sure I'm ready!

Here some pictures of what we've been up to today:

Moriah sporting yet another cute bathing suit she was given!
(I love the little cover up skirt!)

Happy girl in the water

Big smiles

Busy little pool

Hat down!

Keenan loves playing with her hat!

"Here, Moriah, catch!"
(Doesn't she look like she's really concentrating hard on trying to catch it?) =)


Next, it's off for a drive in the sun to dry off!

Keenan taking Moriah for a ride (like her beach towel "seatbelt"?)

Moriah very intent on where they're going!

Big girl at the wheel

Back seat driver!

Watching her favorite person play =)

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