Monday, September 7, 2009

Long weekend wrap up

Yesterday was a pretty relaxed day. We had a lazy morning, went to church, had lunch, took naps, and then Philip and I attacked the kitchen with "Operation Clean Sweep". =)

Reading books Sunday morning

Moriah all dressed up

Trying to figure out how to get going...

Philip midway through our kitchen organizing...


I'm not entirely sure, but I think she's saying, "I'm almost Nine months old!"

What a big girl!
(No mom, she's no where near walking)

I Love these shoes that she was given by Stu and Michelle!
(I'm so excited that she finally fits them!)

We had been wanting to go disc golfing sometime this weekend, so today was the day. The weather was great, and we had a ton of fun! I even played decently for the first time in a while... =)

Under one of the big beautiful trees

Me and my monkey

Keenan pushing Moriah with a little help

Chasing Daddy (see how happy he is??)

Got him!

What Moriah did almost the entire time

Good lookin' dude

Some pretty wild flowers

Keenan goofing around

Crossing the bridge, one of Keenan's favorite parts

Philip loves this shot (I think I look kind of stupid)

Me putting in my last shot

Keenan in mid air at the playground

He calls this "the metal snake" =)

It has been soooo nice having Philip home all day the last three days! =)

He and Keenan are at Lowe's again, and Moriah and I are getting dinner ready... see y'all!


mamunaco said...

I LOVE the new picture of you guys at the beach - it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Isn't it so nice having the husband home for a bit when you're so used to him not being home? That's my favorite! I'm so impressed that you guys went disc golfing with both kids - so brave! Seriously, though, you guys inspire us to take more of a get-out-and-do-something-together approach! :)

Mom W. said...

Love the dishwasher in his towel apron, was he washing clean dishes to keep busy??? = )

Joia said...

Yes, mom, the dishes were all clean, he just likes to do it, and it kept him busy while we worked. =)

Mom W. said...

Figured... I just looked at Melissa's blog, nice, never went there before.