Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ladies Tea/Go Blue!

This afternoon, Philip and Keenan headed on base to watch a Michigan football game, while Moriah and I went to a Ladies Tea for the wives in the residency. Both the boys and the girls had a great time! Philip had a great time because Keenan was well behaved and Michigan beat Notre Dame, and I had a great time because there was Lots of chocolate desserts involved, and I had a great time with the other wives!

This boy loves peanut butter as much as his mom does! =)

...and Moriah decided she likes freezies as much as Keenan does!
(No, she didn't eat the whole thing)

Philip and the kids before the boys left

Moriah with a new friend at the party (an exchange student from Korea)

All the chocolatey goodness (Oh, Wendi... I'm so sorry you missed it)

Delicious little goodies, and some Amazing chocolate cheesecake in the background!

Great women!

More of the same =)

Moriah reconnecting with the first person she ever saw - Dr. G!

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