Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grandparent's Day 2009

I didn't realize until right now that today is Grandparent's Day, but definitely want to take the time to acknowledge the grandparents in our lives. We and our children are so blessed...

What a gift it has been to see All of our grandparents this year! Here are a few pictures from those special times...

My mom meeting (tiny) Moriah for the first time

Papa Dan and all his grandkids

Mom and Jeff meeting Moriah =)

Keenan on the tractor with my dad =)

Kisses from Grandma E.

Dressed in O___ S___ gear with Grandpa E.

Saying goodbye to Papa in Michigan

Moriah and Grandma W.

All cozy with Grandpa W. in Canada!

Three generation picture with Grandma Dooley

My grandparents meeting Moriah for the first time

I think this one is so precious

Grandpa W. having a sweet moment with Moriah

Four generations with my dad and grandpa W.

Keenan and Moriah with Great Great Grandma Eberts

Moriah and Great Grandma Eberts

We lost two special grandparents this year as well...

Keenan with Great Grandpa Eberts
(the last time we saw him before he passed away on June 10th)

Moriah and her Great Grandma Taylor
(the last time we saw her before she passed away on June 9th)

Sweet hands

Four generations

I also want to mention two special "Adopted Grandparents" in our lives. Most of you "know" them by now. Frank and Myrtle. Since we moved here, they have been grandparents to us And our kids, and have blessed our lives in so many ways...

This picture is one of my most treasured... Frank and Myrtle meeting Moriah at two days old, just one month before Frank passed away on January 22nd

Myrtle, my neighbor, my friend, and an honor to know...

She continues to shower our kids with love and affection and they are crazy about her =)


Mom W. said...

That was lovely Joia, thanks. When Dad first looked at it last night there was only a title and no post or pictures... Lots this morning. I saw a few days ago that it was grandparents day but forgot on the day too. We had 4 (well 5 with R and A's) grandkids present on the day for awhile. Loads of people here.

denise said...

SOOOO cute! I laughed at the O___ S___ one. (I think he needs a black bar on his shirt in order to be on this blog!lol

auntmary said...

What a beautiful remembrance! Thank you for posting all these wonderful grandparent pictures. This brought me to tears. You are always soo ingenious and very conscientious. ♥

Mom E said...

I have not read your blog in SO long, and I decided tonight, err this a.m., to start catching up. Not knowing where to start (I feel I have missed out on so much of your life!) I started with this one b/c of the title, and want you to know how honored I feel that you did this for all of us; and that you not only included Gr'ma T. but Gr'ma/Gr'pa E *and* Gr'ma Vet. You are so thoughtful. I am sorry I didn't see it sooner.
I can't wait to see you in just a little over one day!