Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun morning in the pool!

We were invited to a pool playdate this morning with Keenan's friend, Tucker! His mom, Vanessa, is my friend (and one of the coordinators) from MOPS, and she and I had a bunch of MOPS stuff to discuss while the kids played before getting in the pool. It was a very fun and productive morning!

Keenan sharing some Cheerios with Moriah

How sweet are these shoes!

Meeting Tucker and Vivi's turtles, Hester and Chester =)
(I love how both boys haev their hands crossed in front of them!)

He also got to help feed them which was very exciting!

Moriah Loved this musical bouncy seat and chilled in it for quite a while!

Chatting with Tucker

...and getting pretty friendly!

He was so cute with her!

So sweet...

Trying out the squirt gun

She's in (and lovin' it!)

Us girls

Keenan and Tucker (making "chicken soup")

Between these two pictures, we have both boys looking =)

(I actually forgot my camera at their house, and they (knowing how lost I'd be without it) delivered it to me later this afternoon, how awesome is that??)


Mom W. said...

Moriah sure looks like she liked being in the water, go Moriah!!

Vanessa S said...

We had such a great time with you guys. Thanks for posting some fun pics for me to "steal"! haha