Thursday, September 10, 2009

First MOPS of 09/10 and a shout out to SONIC!!

We had our first MOPS meeting of the year today and it was so much fun! It was a little crazy this morning, getting there early with the kids and setting up with the rest of the steering team, but I'm sure I'll get into a routine and it won't feel so harried every week. We did a fun skit to kick off our theme, "Life on Planet Mom", had a cool video, did some door prizes, had some Amazing food, did a fun craft and had lots of laughs and good discussion. All in all, it was a smashing success!

One of the things that I was Most excited about was...Sonic! Since we have sort of a "space" theme going, on I thought it would be fun to have Sonic drinks at our first meeting. I got brave and called and asked if they would possibly donate some drinks for us. The manager was super nice and Very accomadating and they generously gave us 20 Large Cherry Limeades (along with a Ton of coupons!) How awesome is that???

Me in Sonic heaven =)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Shalimar Sonic!

As Hospitality Coordinator this year, part of my job is to decorate the tables so they're fun and inviting each week. I made these fun spaceship centerpieces to display each of the table group names.

A two liter bottle, a kid size traffic cone (cut off), and some scrapbook paper and home made mod podge!

Jen and I at the welcome table

My friend, Tiffany, loaned me her son's NASA space helmet, and Philip let me borrow his NASA astronaut (signed by several astronauts), that I made into a "Mom Astronaut"


Happy Sonic drinkers

The "Solar Sisters"

The "Milky Way Mommas" (my group!)

The "Cosmic Chicks"

Loni and Tiffany with their strings from our ice breaker game
(We each pulled a string out of a pile of all different lengths, and then had to start wrapping it around our finger, and tell things about ourselves until the string was gone - it was really fun!)

Suzi and I (and sweet Sonic again)

Moriah and her amazing care giver in the nursery, Mary

Our craft today was painting star boxes with our names on them. They will mark our places at the tables each week...

How fun!

Look at all the creativity!

So... woohoo MOPS! So excited for another great year! =)

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Brittny said...

so cute!!! glad your meeting went well and props to you on your skills. you constantly amaze me with your creativity! i love it!!!!!!