Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First day all together!

Well, it's been a crazy fun day here at our house with six cousins together! =)

Keenan was pretty stoked to say the least when he woke up to find that there were Four cousins here to play for a few days!!

The four "big kids" with their chosen breakfast cereals

The forecast looked rainy, but it turned out to be a sunny, gorgeous day, so we headed to Lincoln Park this morning...

Four swingin' kids

Silly Moriah (throwing her puffs on the ground)

Kyla coming down the slide

Mika mastered the monkey bars today and it was Really fun to see her go from scared to "I'm going to try it", to "Daddy, I can't!" to "Look at me!" to "Mommy I DID it!!" =)

So excited to actually be doing it!

The lunge

Sheer determination!


Keenan wanted to try too

Hanging by himself!

This one is blurry, but it's Keenan "lifting Uncle Tim" so he can do it =)

A fun one of Kyla, Keenan, Shaelyn and Mika on the playground

Vivian coolin' off and playing with her toes

Tim showing the kids some crabs

I just think this one is really cute

Kyla and Keenan are four months apart

This is my "Keenan you're scaring me" picture

A sweet picture of the four of them looking across at the boats

We were all getting pretty hot, so we came home, most people went inside, Moriah took a nap, I got the pool filling and the "trouble making duo" decided to play outside some more...

Keenan and Shaelyn playing in the sand

Kyla driving

Two sweaty, sandy, happy cousins

After lunch we all headed out to play in the pools. Myrtle also came over and got to meet everyone, which she and I were thrilled about. =0)

Moriah gets a visit from Mika

...and Kyla

The busy big kid pool

Moriah eating her hat

A really big kid joins in

My mom bought these matching outfits for the girls so we got some pictures while the big kids were napping

"Hey, Vivian, you have something in your ear!"

I love how Vivian is peeking over her toes! =)

Listening intently to what Moriah is telling her

Classic Vivian pose =)


It's been such a great day so far... Five of the six kids are sleeping (and the one awake isn't mine), so I'm actually going to try catch a few winks on the couch...


Flakymn said...

Way fun! So wish I could meet them in person but our house is a bit too sicko to cross-contaminate!

Mom W. said...

Great pictures Joia, so glad the day turned out clear so you could go out. Thanks for doing the pics in the matching outfits... purrrrr!

Anonymous said...

Love that pic of the 4 cousins holding hands and looking at the boats!! So nice!!

Mom E said...

just too many cute photos to choose only one favorite! But I did like the one where the 2 of them were standing at the sand table.