Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Family Day

We went over to Mom and Jeff's condo this morning for breakfast. After that, Moriah went down for a nap, and Grandma stayed to watch her while we headed to one of the four gorgeous pools at their complex for an hour or so...

Philip, Keenan and Isaac with the beautiful pool!

Philip and Keenan at the top of the water slide

Keenan Loved this!!

He and Uncle Isaac just Kept going down the slide over and over!

Three dudes peeking out of the pool

Us before heading back to Mom and Jeff's

These (herons?) came right up to the patio door!!

Moriah was sad when they left =(

This is how I found the boys this afternoon - soo cute!

Our handsome boy on the run

Mom, Jeff, Grandma, Isaac, Matt, Jessica, Reagan and Hudson all came over for dinner and spent the evening here. It was really fun, we had a yummy dinner and (sort of) celebrated Matt's 30th birthday today. The four boys all loved playing and getting dirty together. =)

Our favorite picture of the day
(We took family pictures with everyone, but I'm waiting to post them until I can crop and edit them at home)


Mom E said...

Thanks for the dinner and for coming up with a great place to take our family photos. Love you.

Judy W. said...

Wow, amazing pool, beautiful. Looks like you are having a great time. Family fun, so good.