Sunday, September 20, 2009

Details of the Dining Out...

Philip and I had a Really good time last night at the Dining Out on base! It was the first one Eglin has had in Seven years (and who knows when the next one will be), so we're really glad we went!

It was a very formal evening, with TONS of people we didn't know. There wasn't actually Anyone there that we knew well. There were about half a dozen people that Philip knew, but not personally, so we introduced ourselves to them, and made some good friends for the evening! The fun part was that we ended up at the same table with some of them (we had assigned seating), and I was next to a really fun colonel's wife. =)

Here are a few pictures of us all dressed up:

My hair - I sure missed having my mom's help! (She has always been the one to do my "up dos" and my shorter hair made it a lot harder too)

Philip almost ready

A picture together at home

The back of my dress

I just love the cuffs and Air Force cuff links on Philip's uniform!

In the foyer at the Officers Club

My handsome dude out on the patio

The place cards (and custom coasters) at our table

Just a random shot of the evening

The evening started at six, with cocktails, and we didn't get into the dining room until 7:30, and didn't start eating dinner until after 8. The theme of the evening was "The Past, Present and Future of the 96th Air Base Wing" and there were three speakers, each representing one of these time periods. The first one was our favorite, Colonel Joe Stanley, who is 101 years old, but can recall the details of his time in the service (which started in 1929) like it was yesterday! He was very interesting and entertaining. At one point, he was talking about a time when he was stationed in Hawaii as a young man. He said he had a nice sports car, with running boards and a rumble seat, and "good pick up - four girls a mile!" LOL

There was also two "grog bowls" in the dining room. This is a long standing military tradition and is the way offenders are "punished" for breaking the rules of the mess (included in yesterday's post). Each grog (one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic) is served out of an actual toilet bowl and contains lots of nasty stuff (the contents were not disclosed to the group, I just heard that one item was dehydrated banana chunks).

Here is a blurb about the grog from last night's program:

"In order to preserve the decorum of the Mess, any member of the Mess who has been observed committing a serious breech of protocol, or violating the rules of the Mess, shall be punished with a trip to the "grog bowl". Members of the Mess have a choice between two mildly distasteful beverages. The President, Mister or Madame Vice, or any member of the Mess may identify violations of the Mess or be required to participate in the grog. In the unlikely event that a member identifies a guest (ex: spouse, like me) for infractions, that individual (Philip) will take a trip to the grog bowl in the guest's place. When the President of the Mess directs a violator to the grog bowl, the individual proceeds promptly to the bowl using military movements and:

* halts centered one pace from the grog table and salutes the President of the Mess
* does an about face, pours a full glass of the grog
* does another about face (without spilling any)
* faces the Mess and toasts "To the Mess"
* drains the contents of the glass without removing it from ones lips
* holds the glass over ones head to prove all grog has been consumed
* salutes the President of the Mess
* does another about face, places the glass back on the table
* returns to ones seat

(With the exception of the toast "To the Mess", the violator is not permitted to speak during the process).

This might all sound pretty hard core and not fun, but it was actually a Lot of fun as different members of the mess "reported" on each other to the President of the Mess, and were often sent there with (or instead of) the person they were hoping to see punished! =)

The food (beef brisket, grilled chicken with a sundried tomato sauce, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, with cake for dessert) was Fantastic!

Though the evening went a little longer than we'd anticipated (until after 10), and I was a little worried about Moriah (who was fine), we had a Wonderful evening and are so glad we went!

We also had professional pictures done, which I will post when we get them back.


The Mac's House said...

You both looked gorgeous. I just love the dress you were wearing. So glad that you took advantage of this. Being prior military and attending the special functions I can tell you that these will be some of your fondest memories. When we lived in Hawaii we went to see the premiere of "Hunt for Red October". It was amazing, all the pomp and circumstance even at the movie theater with the special guests from the head of the Navy were there. Then there was the Navy ball where we able to meet Tony Curtis and one of his daughters. Great great memories. Glad you enjoyed your night out.

Flakymn said...

LOVE the dress ...

did Philip have to do the grog? Do only military people have a chance at doing it?

Mom W. said...

Interesting!! ...and great looking people you two are. Lovely dress Joia, and great formal attire Philip, has he ever worn it before??

Joia said...

Thank you all for the compliments! =)

Wendi - Philip did not have to do the grog (he was pretty careful about the rules all evening), and yes, it was open to guests as well, but guests had the option of having their military sponsor take their spot. =)

Mom - Philip has only worn this uniform One time before - back before we were married, when he went to COT in Alabama, they had a Dining In.

Jessica said...

so handsome and beautiful!! how fun. I would have been sooo scared to break a rule! It sounds like a lot of fun though. Your hair looked awesome! Love, Jessica

Mom E said...

part 3 of catching up... :-)
The dress was awesome (where did you get it?) I've never seen one of that design before; and I remember him in the full dress at COT in Alabama! Fun times!!