Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day at the Beach?

Although we did go to the beach today, "A day at the beach" really is not the way I'd describe the day. Keenan was "off" pretty much the whole day for some reason (partially due to his early rising time this morning). It was the kind of day that Philip and I decided we'd rather not experience again.. =)

Other than that, it was a good day for the most part. We did some shopping this morning and then headed to the beach for a while. It was pretty fun, despite the wind and the little bit of rain we got. When we got home, it took Keenan an hour and a half to settle down for his nap!

Anyway... some pictures from the day: =)

Philip's "Yay, we're at the beach" face again =)

At least Moriah's enjoying herself

... as is Keenan!

Us girls

Getting in with Keenan

Telling secrets =)

Jumping over the waves

Waving at Daddy

Moriah getting in on the beach action

Beach babe!

She liked watching the waves come in

Fun view

Toes in the sand

A family of footprints

The boys and some gulls


Jessica said...

Your beaches are soooo beautiful! I love it!! I love your "telling secrets" photo-you can always tell when parents are "telling secrets AKA reprimanding within an inch of their kids lives" while whispering in their ears...or maybe that is just me at the grocery store! LOL! Counting down the days til we get to see you guys...wooohooo! Love, Jessica

Mom W. said...

Love the new picture at the top!!! and the cute beach babe...

Anonymous said...


I LOVE the new header at the top of your blog! So cute, especially Moriah's little hat:)

Love Rebekah

mamunaco said...

Moriah has so many bathing suits! And they are all adorable!!! :) I love the picture of her toes and your toes together - too cute!