Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Collect all Six!

It's been a busy day and this is our last night with Tim and Steph, so I'm just going to enjoy my time with them instead of blogging. I'll just post this one picture that we managed to get of all six cousins together! (Keenan's mouth is hidden, but this was the ONLY one out of ten or more that didn't have someone crying, trying to escape, picking their nose, or looking away) =)

What a cute bunch!
(All outfits, except Vivian's were gifts from Mark and Rebekah!)


Mom W. said...

What did Shaelyn do to her nose?? It is cute, I had to laugh when you said what happened with all the other pictures... = ) said...

Hi, you dont know me but I follow your blog daily. Love reading of the advetures and seeing you photography.

I do have one do you get such bold colors on your pictures while editing? Looks awesome!

Joia said...

sunnydaze... I use "picnik" to edit some of my pictures. Thanks for reading!