Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Family Day

We went over to Mom and Jeff's condo this morning for breakfast. After that, Moriah went down for a nap, and Grandma stayed to watch her while we headed to one of the four gorgeous pools at their complex for an hour or so...

Philip, Keenan and Isaac with the beautiful pool!

Philip and Keenan at the top of the water slide

Keenan Loved this!!

He and Uncle Isaac just Kept going down the slide over and over!

Three dudes peeking out of the pool

Us before heading back to Mom and Jeff's

These (herons?) came right up to the patio door!!

Moriah was sad when they left =(

This is how I found the boys this afternoon - soo cute!

Our handsome boy on the run

Mom, Jeff, Grandma, Isaac, Matt, Jessica, Reagan and Hudson all came over for dinner and spent the evening here. It was really fun, we had a yummy dinner and (sort of) celebrated Matt's 30th birthday today. The four boys all loved playing and getting dirty together. =)

Our favorite picture of the day
(We took family pictures with everyone, but I'm waiting to post them until I can crop and edit them at home)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sea World

Today we took our second (free for military and dependants) trip to Sea World, our first with kids. We had a really fun time!

These first few pictures are the ones that I couldn't get to load yesterday...

The Massive fire truck (with moving parts, lights and sounds) that was passed down to Keenan from Isaac!

Us on the safari at Animal Kingdom

Posing on the baby whale (Keenan's choice)

At the Shamu show

After the show

Keenan's very first roller coaster (The Shamu Express)!

Swishy Fishies ride

A miniature "drop zone" type ride for kids

Taking a break at the Baby Care Center

At the mini splash park in the kids area

We headed home in the afternoon, took naps, and then headed to the pool at our condo for some fun family time...

Keenan's first trip down the water slide
(notice his grip on Philip's arm)
Second slide - on their backs!

Our little "swimmer" and our "floater"

Me and Moriah in her little water craft

Goofy Mama

Woohoo, going solo!

Moriah waves from her spot beside the hot tub
After we finished in the pool, we headed over to Mom and Jeff's condo for dinner. Mom made some amazing turkey chili and we made cookies for dessert (that we ate warm with ice cream). Aside from being way too well fed, we had a great evening, and Keenan had a blast hanging out with Uncle Isaac again.

Keenan watches as Daddy lifts up Uncle Isaac

Moriah getting Daddy while he's down

Moriah with Grandma Eberts(With Grandma's help, she almost mastered the ability to stand up at the coffee table!)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios (take two)

We started out the day with Rob, Sarah and Della at Animal Kingdom. We saw the Lion King show and then went on the Kilimonjar Safari!

After that, we headed back to the condo and all took naps and then went to Hollywood Studios for the afternoon. We took Keenan to the "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" play area (which he loved and didn't want to leave) and then met up with Mom, Jeff, Isaac and Jeff's mom, Grandma Eberts and went to the Lights, Motors, Action stunt show (Keenan and Isaac especially liked it). After that we did the "Back Lot tour" where you go behind the scenes and learn all about movie making and see a ton of cool stuff. By that time it was closing time so we left the park, stopped for pizza for dinner and then headed home... A fun day was had by all!

There are a few pictures from the beginning of the day that I couldn't get to load - I'll add them tomorrow...


Sarah, Rob and Della (with a gorilla in between them in the background)

Us with the gorilla

Keenan and I with the Rainforest Cafe frog

Do you see a cute boy in the greenery?

Riding the tram into Hollywood Studios (Keenan was too busy looking at the map)

Huge Playdough!

A shot of the playground

See tiny Keenan peeking out of the giant roll of film?

He Loved this slide and did it over and over and over!

Sliding out of a tree root

...and another one =)

HUGE fly!

Happy kid!

Now That's a Tonka truck!

Watching the start of the stunt show

Hanging onto Daddy

Grandma and Grandpa with Moriah

Hangin' with Grandma

Isaac pointed so Keenan would look at me, and Keenan thought he was pointing at something else (much more exciting than Mommy), so he leaned over to look! =)

All the fam

The boys discussing the coolness of the stunt show

Keenan randomly put his arm around Uncle Isaac - sooo cute! =)

Us and our girl =)
Serious spectators

When this girl's sleepy, she can nap Anywhere!

Cool sky writing after the show

Watching the plane

Me and the best guy around

Intent on the show
Some cool special effects

Keenan and Uncle Isaac - best buds of the day!

Big smiles on the Back Lot tour

Jeff, Mom and Grandma Eberts

Again with his arm around Uncle Isaac =)

Checking out a tanker truck on the set
(They simulated a huge rain storm, lightning, the tanker catching fire, and a HUGE flood - all very cool!) Keenan got a little nervous and Clenched his arms around Isaac's arm, and then started crying and needed Daddy.. =)

All safe in Daddy's arms =)

Big hug for Uncle Isaac!

Me and my buddy, Raz, from Monsters Inc.
(Isn't she hot??)

Cute girl

Playing with Daddy's hat

With the Magician's Hat

Group shot

Keenan pushing Grandma as we left the park

How sweet

"Fly me, Daddy!"