Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yay for Splash Parks!

We sure missed our splash parks when we were in DC! The heat this afternoon convinced us that it would be a good time to get reacquainted with the one on base.

Moriah must have slept on her hand - she had an almost perfect handprint on the side of her face when she woke up from her nap! =)

Hey Ladies...
(Sportin' his new Lightning McQueen sunglasses)

Big laughs

He had a great time sitting on this one and then letting it shoot up again

This was the first time Moriah has spent much time in the water at the splash park and she loved it!

Very thoughtful look
(Wearing a new super cute suit passed on to her today!)

Love that face!

How cute is the back?

She's getting so big!

Girl shot

Siblings on the bench (Keenan already looks like he's too cool for his little sister)


Mom W. said...

Very cute dude with the glasses, and cute beauty in pink...

Anonymous said...

those pictures are soo cute joia! Kids grow up way too fast! lookin good!