Saturday, August 1, 2009

Whatever you want . . .

Joia had a very long day today and wasn't planning to post anything. I offered to do so for her and she said I could post "whatever you want." I'm not nearly as interesting as she is, and she also has our only camera so this is going to be pretty short.

Joia had a fun day visiting with extended family in Ontario. A great surprise was that her Grandparents were both there. She wasn't planning to make the drive to see them during this trip but was so glad that they were able to make it. Keenan of course had fun being chased all around by Grandpa and swimming in the lake and playing with some of Joia's younger cousins.

Yesterday I hit up the National Zoo, the National Archives, the Old Post Office and walked around the Ellipse and the White House. Today was spent back at the Holocaust Museum and around the National Mall specicially at two of the Smithsonian Museums, American History and National History. From there I took the subway to the Pentagon to view the September 11th memorial and then back to the apartment. It's fun to be able to see things more quickly but at every place I think how much Joia would like to the see the original Star Spangled Banner (15 stars and 15 stripes at the American History Museum) or how Keenan would like to help build a giant LEGO light bulb at American History or the animals on display at Natural History. I'm glad they'll be home soon and I really hope she takes a few days to lie low and rest up.



Joia said...

Great post, honey! =)

Jessica said...

you're interesting Phil!

Mom said...

I agree with Jessica, Philip. I'm a little behind again on the blog, so trying to catch up, but when I read your comment I thought, "au contraire" you are *very* interesting as well, and yes, it was a good post, as Joia said.

Love you!