Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Happenings

I'm thinking I might just start doing a single "weekend" post each week, instead of blogging both days... Here's what we've been up to this weekend. =)

I wanted to get a picture of Moriah in this cute sleeper before she outgrew it, even though it's a pretty warm outfit for Florida in the summer! (It was okay for sleeping).

Big girl sitting on the couch
(Rachel, I think Kaia was wearing this same sleeper in her three week video!)

Sweet smile

Just can't get enough of these fun carts... =) This one was "waiting" for us, right beside our parking spot!

Keenan actually Asks if we can go to the Commissary now, instead of dreading it!

She cracks me up at how "in charge" she looks behind the wheel!

Yesterday, late morning (before Philip headed in to work for a few hours), we headed to the splash park on base. We hadn't been there with Philip in a while, and that always makes it more fun! =)

Keenan getting doused by the pails (and thoroughly loving it!)

I love this expression!

Trying to spray Keenan

Philip chasing Keenan through the sprayers

Moriah experiencing some of the fountains for the first time

She wasn't as into it this time as last time

LOL- Gotta love her bathing suit bod!

Handsome dudes

All wet

"So, Dad.... When are you going to let me talk to boys?"

"When I'm 30?? You've gotta be kidding!"

Me and my boy

Sharing his pretzels

Watching Keenan run

So sweet!

My good looking, 20 something hubby =)

Chasing Keenan
(He made sure to take the path that would get me completely Drenched!)

All dried off and ready to sleep...

After the kid's naps, we went over to see Myrtle. I found out after we got there, that it was the seven month day since Frank died. She'd been having a rather "blue" day and was so glad we came over - so were we!

She and Moriah are pretty crazy about each other

Keenan collecting all the fallen flowers on the path to put in his dump truck

Philip got home when we were coming back from Myrtle's, and then he and Keenan stayed outside and pulled weeds for a while. Moriah took a nap and I got a nice break. =)

Heading in (with their wheel barrows) from their last load

Sweaty, dirty boy telling me about the treasures he found in the yard

Keenan (on his own) engineered a "towing mechanism" for his dump truck on the back of his monster truck, and it actually worked! Daddy's little engineer already.. =)

Moriah in another cute romper outfit =)

Holding hands

Today we went to Lincoln Park (we hadn't been in almost two months!) and let Keenan play for a while and then he went swimming while we sat on the beach.

Showing Daddy his climbing skills

Down the slide

Having soo much fun!

Another great shot of my man =)

Moriah watching Keenan play, wearing her new hat
(It's a little big, but I couldn't wait any more, I've had it for a few months!)

Chowin' down some more Gerber (sweet potato) puffs

Moriah and I chillin'


Taking a break (intently watching someone or something)

Snack time

Two boys eating pretzels on a stump =)

If you look closely, it says "Little Stinker" on Moriah's shorts =)

Water. Sand. A pail. What more could a little boy want?

All bundled up on the way to the van

Have a happy rest of the weekend!

Sooo wishing I was up in Northern Ontario with all my family at the cottage right now, as I'm sure we're missing out on a TON of fun and laughs!

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