Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sicky Snoozy Sunday

Neither of the kids is feeling very great today. Both are congested (Keenan more so) and Keenan has quite a nasty cough. =0/ We've pretty much stuck around home today. We all hung out in our bed for a while this morning and then I baked an apple dapple cake for breakfast. Sometimes something hot and baked and sweet for breakfast just gets the day off on a better foot. =)

Philip has been working on some stuff for work and I've been finishing up stuff on the secret project (reveal tomorrow!) and the kids and I got in some naps, so it's been a pretty good day.

Here are a few fun pictures:

"Yay! Thumbs up for this new "earthling" look Mommy gave me!"
I put some punched out sponge letters over her ears =)

First time on the car!

"Okay little sis, you just watch and listen to me - I'll teach you all the rules of the road..."

It's so fun watching them start to really have a lot of fun Together =)

It cracked me up when she put her feet up like this!

This one makes me laugh! Keenan is saying "Look at Mommy, Mowiah!"

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