Saturday, August 29, 2009

Short, sweet visit with Papa is over

Philip's dad left early yesterday morning to head back to Merritt Island, FL. He was only here for about 36 hours, but we sure loved having him and Keenan got in a LOT of playtime during his visit!

On Thursday night we went to Outback for dinner...

One of the headbands I made recently for Moriah
(I've seen some really cute ones recently, especially on my blogger friend, Rachel's sweet baby girl, and thought I'd try to make some!)

Keenan kept pretty busy during dinner...


Playing with trucks...

But mostly, being very sneaky at stealing our drinks and sampling them! =)

Moriah was quite charming the entire night and would smile and coo at anyone who stopped to check her out =)

Look at Moriah checking out my food! =)

Daddy and Moriah at home


Great three generation picture

"Grandpa, when I see you again, I'll be a year old!"

I love how they're laughing at each other here

Another headband I made, although Philip and I both think this one's a little big maybe... =)

Learning to use her new sippy cup!

Both kids asleep in our bed

"Aaahh! There's a snake in the pool!"

Mmmm... tasty

Love that smile!

No, they're not sunbathing

While I was folding laundry, Keenan found this hat and wanted to wear it (It's obviously waay too small), and decided it was his "helmet" to keep him safe while riding his car-turned-motorcycle =)

I think that about catches us up to today. I'm getting ready for a baby shower for Tiff this afternoon (should be a great girl's get together, with fondue and lots of other yummy stuff!), while Philip and Keenan have some "guy time" together. =)

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Rachel and Hans said...

i love the big flower!!
will you email me your address? i have something that i need to send you...