Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rainy, but Fun day

Despite the yucky weather, we've been having a great day, enjoying Philip's dad's visit with us. =)
Keenan was excited to wake up to a Whole day of playing with Grandpa - woohoo!

Check out this huge inflatable dinasour!

Assembling the Teepee

Grandpa's big helper

Moriah just relaxing on the couch, watching the guys =)

Dad peeking under the tent at Keenan inside

Fun with Papa!


Going for a ride

We decided to brave the impending rain and headed to Turkey Creek for a walk. We had a great time, and only got a few sprinkles at the very end!

A couple of the many turtles we saw off the bridge

Looking through the cracks to see if there are any underneath! =)

I love this one

Keenan quickly got tired of walking, so Moriah had to share the space in the stroller

Dad and the kids at the end of the boardwalk

After our walk, we headed to Sonic for lunch and then home so we could All take naps!


Ebby Ray said...

Love that picture of Papa and Keenan looking out over the pond. That is priceless!

Amy Ogles said...

Thanks for the comment. You have a very cute family. I don't believe that we are related to the Ogles that you were talking about. At least not closely related. But who knows, it is a small world.

Sam said...

you dont still have those couches do you??!!