Friday, August 21, 2009

Playing, crafting, coloring and a visit from "Charlie"

Catch up on the last couple days...

First off, some pictures from our MOPS "Italian Night" fundraiser dinner and bake sale on Wednesday night. We had a Blast and ended up making some great profits, too!

Amanda, Tammy and Vanessa serving up the lasagna

Robin at the bake sale table

Suzi and Stephanie

The tables of yummy-ness at the bake sale

I came away with some chocolate chip cookies, some amazing coconut bars, and half of a triple layer caramel cake!

Jessica and Jen

Amanda and I

Yesterday was mostly a "day of play" around here. Ever since we got back from our trip, I've felt like I was still chasing my tail, and frequently saying "Just a minute", or "Let me finish this and then..." so I decided to just take most of the day yesterday to play without doing laundry or housecleaning in the middle of it. We had fun!

Cake dome to fish tank...

I brought home a bunch of the plastic cake containers from the MOPS dinner, planning to reuse them when I make cakes, but decided to use one of them to make a fish tank with Keenan!

First we found some cute fish online that I drew for Keenan to color...

Then we got some blue paper for the background, made some green foam plantlife, used sand colored paper for the bottom, glued in some shiny beads (and added some pennies at Keenan's request), cut out the colored fish, attached them to blue string, hung them in there, made a little house out of blocks, added a couple bathtime water friends, and we were done!
Our fish tank

Not sure what this look is! =)

Checking it out

Next we decided to collect our broken crayons and recycle them into fun, new ones!

We choose to do a red one and a green one

The bits ready to go in the oven

Our new "crayon pucks!"

Trying them out on a picture for Daddy

In the evening, our friend, Charles (of Cal's Appliances in Niceville) came over fix our washing machine. Keenan was really excited to watch him take it all apart, and (while sitting on the basement stairs with me), suddenly said, "Whatcha doin', Charlie?" LOL! Charles doesn't go by Charlie, and I have no idea why Keenan called him that! Fortunately, Charles thought it was funny too... =)

Keenan inside the washer cover (being held up by Charles)

Not sure why he looks so sad here

He thought this made a cool "little house"

Checking out the washer drum


denise said...

Ok, this is VERY random. I THINK you have the same washer as mine, which has done that same thing to me THREE times. (Kenmore 90 series) After paying $150 twice, the third time my dad was here. I knew which part it was, and I found a site online where the guy posted exactly what we needed to fix it. I bought the part locally, then bought two extra on ebay for cheap for future. First, the part they have re-made to be stronger. Second, the person mentions not to use Super all the time (I did this all the time before).

Not sure if it's the same or not, but in case it is I thought I would share!

Joia said...

Thanks Denise!! This will be a huge help if it happens again. =)